A Note about Women's Sizing, Quality & Shipping

Women’s Sizing Tips

   Ladies, don’t you just hate it when you buy something and it’s not “true to size?” I don’t have this problem, but my wife does and it’s got to be annoying. How do you know that a shirt you want to buy is going to fit? This is where the beauty of unisex sizing comes in - you take advantage of what men have always enjoyed: consistent sizing. But how do you read and understand the sizing chart?!

The easiest thing for a woman to do is to take your favorite shirt, the one that has the fit you LOVE, and lay it flat. Measure from armpit to armpit. This is the width measurement you see in all unisex and men’s sizing charts. It’s that simple. Memorize your “armpit to armpit” width and now you can buy any shirt, even men’s shirts.

Another simple trick is to take your bust size and divide by 2. This number is going to be very close to the “armpit to armpit” size that will work for you, if you like a tight fit.

We include inches and centimeters in all of our charts because apparently inconsistent women’s sizing is a worldwide problem. Take back your shopping experience and shop with confidence now that you know your “armpit to armpit” size!


   We create products on demand which usually takes about 2–7 business days. And then you add shipping times on top of that. Most of our orders are shipped within 5 business days.


   As for quality, there is nothing more disappointing than receiving a shirt that is stiff, scratchy, and itchy, which is why we only choose premium shirts for our designs. A premium shirt is soft, comfortable, and one you will want to wear because it’s made with higher quality threads than cheaper tees. 

   We believe you’ll agree that paying a bit more makes all the difference in how it feels to wear one of our shirts. We can’t compete with Wal-Mart and we wouldn’t want to because we want to wear shirts we will love to wear. Thank you for choosing us and supporting our small business! Most of our products are on Bella Canvas shirts which are made in the USA, made from sustainable fibers sourced from all over the world, and dyed in an eco-friendly manner. The cotton is combed 2.5 times more than other brands which gives the garments their super soft feel and comfort.

If you have questions about any details of our other garments, feel free to contact me at: info@BrucePSquirrel.com or 917-705-8464