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ambient squirrel

Bruce P. Squirrel & Company is proud to announce that Ambient Squirrel is now on our record label! Here's their introduction. And don't forget to follow them on Facebook ...

   Get ready for the release of our first album which will be available soon. In short we create ambient tracks for background, studying, sleep, meditation and astral travel. Volume 1 will be a sampling and be available on all major streaming platforms as well as downloads on Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play. We'll be posting the release as an event so stay tuned!
Here's a breakdown of what's on the album:
Ambient Drone:
A one hour track featuring white noise from a U.F.O and slow, low octave musical tones with some dissonance.
Prehistoric Tribal Ambient:
A one hour track featuring a crackling campfire, the winds of a desolate Earth, slow musical tones and a distant tribal drum from an ancient squirrel god.
Tribal Embers Ambient:
A one hour track featuring a crackling campfire, faint wind, slow musical tones accompanied by cosmic insects and the howls of distant cousin wolves.
Ancient Starship Ambient:
A one hour track featuring the white noise from a wandering starship, retro fire boosters, light pulse percussion and synthesized musical tones.
Raven Ambient:
A one hour track featuring a ticking clock, a beating heart, creaking floor boards, ravens, wind from an alley way & slow, dark musical tones. Inspired by The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.
So stick around and you'll hear us soon!
Bruce P. Squirrel

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